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"Prince Rainier"

"Grace Kitty"

"Blue Velvet"
A Nonstandard blue and white boy

A Standard calico female

A Standard black and white tabby male

A Nonstandard calico female

"Little Boy Blue"

Standard blue and white boy

"Jackie Oh"
A harlequin calico standard girl

A nonstandard silver and white bicolor boy




Napoleon Kittens

Available Persian like, doll faced
Napoleons from Champion Lineage!

Welcome to our Little Frenchmen Napoleon cattery. We are a very small cattery with a big love of Napoleons! Our goal is to produce happy, healthy Napoleon Kittens that have free roam of our house. Our kittens are bred from quality bloodlines with emphasis on temperment and health. Continuous generations of Persian heritage and dedication have achieved this sweet and elegant look. Being small, we have few kittens to offer, but can assure that each one gets loads of love and attention making them perfect pets! We do not ship pets.

We hope you enjoy our site, please feel free to call or email with questions.

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