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We are a loving home with a passion for Napoleons. These are my pets and have free roam in our house and are spoiled sweeties. They are beautiful with wonderful personalities. They are my snuggle buddies. We are located in the beautiful river town of Tell City, IN. This quaint town is named after William Tell. This is a hobby that I began several years ago when I fell in love with Napoleons. I took a lot of time to strive for excellent kittens, selecting two Persians from incredible champion lines, and beautiful doll faced Napoleons. We offer exciting colors including chinchilla silver, silver shaded, reds, calico, cameo, black and white, cream and more surprises. The kittens are rare second, third and fourth generation Napoleons. They are doll faced, very Persian like, and very small. I look forward to furthering the Napoleon breed and producing some of the best Napoleon kittens for pet and show homes.


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