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Standing Up
Twigglet, silver shaded Napoleon

Father Casper - Chinchilla Silver Persian
Grandmother - Mother of Casper

Patlen Anasthasia
Beautiful grandmother
Goldenray Sunny
father of Gloria

Dreamie, Navigator's father and
grandfather of so many beautiful babies
Beautiful golden Gloria from Europe

Madame Moiselle, golden brown tabbyPepe, beautiful tuxedo Napoleon
with white boots

Rocco, Exquisite, rare blue golden

Dancer, up and coming Napoleon calico queen

Grandfather - Father of Casper

Grandfather Snowbee- Father of Twiggy

Shaded Silver Persian

Navigator, gorgeous spotless
red van classic tabby
Starlight Splendor, luscious
dilute silver calico

Grandmother Butterfly- Mother of Twiggy

Blue-Eyed Bi-Colored Munchkin


Isabella of CatsCreation - Sister of Casper

Chinchilla Silver Persian


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