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This is one of the first kittens I produced. Her name is Mona Lisa, and she is from Twiggy. She is a rare long haired Chinchilla silver Napoleon. She is now at Creator's. She is a gem with gorgeous green eyes and black eyeliner. Her coat is outstanding.

Frenchie is a gorgeous rare Chinchilla Silver Napoleon adopted by my friend Sandy Beck. She has sparkling emerald green eyes with black eyeliner. She is a second generation with a face to die for. She loves sandy, and follows her wherever she goes, and has never met a stranger. She has an unbelievable personality. I miss her so much!

Here is Casper, my beautiful boy. He is a Chinchilla Persian, with a doll face, very petite nose, totally round head like a golf ball, and perfect muzzle. He comes from an unbelievable champion line, generation, after generation. Your eyes get blurry looking at his pedigree. He is very small and look at his unbelievable eyes! They are huge and very round, absolutely stunning emerald green. His eyeliner is amazing. His coat is long and plush, and very silky. He is the sweetest little guy I have ever seen. He always comes up to me with his sweet litte noise he makes, that is not a meow. He is sweet as he can be. His gorgeous parents are pictured on the parent page. I was so lucky to get this kitten from CatsCreation, with a waiting list, due to their show quality and beautiful features. Thanks Linda!

Picture of Napoleon Kittens for Sale at Little Frenchmen Napoleons Kitten TwiggyPicture of Napoleon Kittens for Sale at Little Frenchmen Napoleons Kitten Twiggy

This is my twiggy, the beautiful mommy of my kittens. She is a Silver Shaded Bicolor, with mitted white feet, and interesting color patches. She carries colorpoint and dilute, and who knows what else, with her outstanding background. Her pedigree is amazing. She has a great features and is a wonderful example of what a Napoleon should look like. She has a doll face, short nose, beautiful features, and does not look like a munchkin. Her coat is very silky and fine. Her pretty tail stands proud as she does her little cute walk with her very small legs. She is small as well. I spent four years finding this mom, looking over and over with my picky taste. She has a loving personality, loves to rub up against you and be petted. She has to sleep with me. She is such an asset to my diligent program. Thanks Bonnie from Picket Fence!


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